Robert Duckworth – 264 Caliber (6.5 mm) Rifle

Name: Robert Duckworth
Date: 11/04/2015
Gun Type: Rifle
Caliber: 264 Caliber (6.5 mm)
Cartridge: 6.5 Creedmore Handload
Make: Ruger
Model #: RPR
Barrel Length: 24
Barrel Type: 5R
Barrel Maker: Ruger
Gunsmith: Ruger
Case: Hornady
Primer: CC! 200
Bullet Mfg: Hornady AMAX
Bullet Weight: 140 Gr
Bullet Type: BT Polymer Tip
Powder: H4350
Powder Charge: 43Gr

Velocity: 2780
Seating Depth: 2.81 COAL
Chronograph: MSV3
Distance: 100 yds
Time of Day: 11:30 am
Iron Sites:
Scope: SCR
Scope Mfg: Burris
Scope Power: 8-40
Number Shots in Group: 5
Center to Center Measurement: 0.148
Weather Conditions: Cloudy, dead calm, humid, warm
Temperature: 74
Humidity: 81%
Wind: None
C.O.A.L.: 2.81
Date Shot: 11/04/2015
Comments: Best 140 AMAX group I have ever shot. I have more than a little love for this bullet.
Witness: N?A