Andrew Palmer – 20 Caliber Rifle

Name: Andrew Palmer Email: Date: 11/01/2015 Gun Type: Rifle Caliber: 20 Caliber Cartridge: 204 RUGER Make: REMINGTON Model #: 700 STAINLESS Barrel Length: 24 Barrel Type: STAINLESS SPORTER Barrel Maker: FACTORY Gunsmith: FACTORY Case: R-P Primer: REMINGTON Bullet Mfg: SIERRA Bullet Weight: 39 gr Bullet Type: BlitzKing Powder: AR2206H. H-4895 Powder Charge: 28.0 gr Velocity: 3795 fps Seating Depth: n/a Chronograph: yes Distance: 100 m Time of Day: 09:45 am Iron Sites: no Scope: dual x Scope Mfg: Leupold Scope Power: 4 x 12 Number Shots in Group: 5 Center to Center Measurement: .288 Weather Conditions: CLEAR 35 C Temperature: Australian Powders Humidity: 35% Wind: S SW C.O.A.L.: 2.250 Date Shot: 11/11/2014 Comments: Location: Witness: BRUCE