Welcome to Group Therapy!

It is my pleasure to announce a great new feature we are adding to our web site. The page is called GROUP THERAPYTM. This page is a way of sharing data with other shooters worldwide. Post the group and data that you can brag on. Simply put, we will post the data that you send us along with the group you fired with a particular firearm. Everyone is welcome. Groups and data will be categorized by caliber. There will also be a page for the category for rifles and a page for the category for pistols. Additional information for the scope, the brass, the bullet , etc will be categorized on each form. We want as much information as you can provide, so that your contemporaries may benefit from your experience.

Send us your best group and data along with a picture of the group you shot. We don’t care if the group is a 3, or 4 or 5 shot group. If it’s the best that firearm will do with that load and bullet, we want to share it with other shooters world wide. Sort of a Facebook for shooters. We will be able to share information on equipment , ammunition and components, as well as bullets, scopes, firearms etc, with shooters anywhere on the globe.