J Cannon – 35 Caliber (9.3 mm) Rifle

Name: J Cannon
Email: bbare48@gmail.com
Date: 09/09/2015
Gun Type: Rifle
Caliber: 35 Caliber (9.3 mm)
Cartridge: 358 Winchester
Make: Interarms Mark X Action
Model #: Interarms Mark X
Barrel Length: 22″
Barrel Type: Pac-Nor Sporter
Barrel Maker: Pac-Nor
Gunsmith: ??
Case: Winchester
Primer: WLR
Bullet Mfg: Hornady
Bullet Weight: 200
Bullet Type: SGK
Powder: IMR 4064
Powder Charge: 47.5 gr

Velocity: 2475 fps
Seating Depth: N/A
Chronograph: Magneto Speed V.3
Distance: 100 Yards
Time of Day: 03:00 pm
Iron Sites: N/A
Scope: #4
Scope Mfg: Leica
Scope Power: 1.75-6
Number Shots in Group: 3
Center to Center Measurement: .0625″
Weather Conditions: PC
Temperature: 94
Humidity: 31
Wind: 15
C.O.A.L.: 2.65
Date Shot: 07/26/2015
Witness: T Hoysa